Making the World’s Biggest Cookie Brand Even Bigger

The Challenge:

Kraft Foods hired ProdigyWorks to create concepts for new brand extensions, licensed products and partnerships focused on families with children, to both elevate the OREO cookie brand and boost its profits.

The Approach:

OREO Ultimate Icing- Chocolate Creme_optWe first studied the core equities of the OREO brand and developed a detailed project brief for online ideation. We selected an ideation team of brilliant moms, high-IQ and creative consumers, service professionals and licensing experts to extend the brand. Before online brainstorming began, the team conducted product scouting in adjacent and far-away categories, exploring grocery shelves in aisles beyond confectionery. In coordination with the client team, we provided the Prodigy Panelists with many rich resources to ground them in the OREO brand and inspire their ideation.


The Results:

In two weeks, the ProdigyWorks team created more than 550 ideas for new licensed products, services and partnership opportunities. In-market successes included a partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts and the creation of OREO cookie flavored icing and cake mix.

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