HP Case Study

hplogoStrategic Brand Extension:

Five years ago, after a different approach wasn’t producing the results they were looking for, HP came to ProdigyWorks to identify new strategic-focused brand extension opportunities for the company.

How can HP expand their brand beyond the desktop and printers?

hpThe Prodigies panel we assembled for this important assignment included a wide mix of creative intelligence from outside the category. Panelists included: Creative Consumers, Technology Savvy but not expert users, Brilliant Moms, Small Business Owners and others.

In just under three weeks, we identifying dozens of places to take the HP brand, including both categories close to the core and also further out adjacencies. We came up with the concept of HP Smart Appliances and HP Automotive. This ground-breaking work was featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal.
Building on the success of our first project, HP retained ProdigyWorks services again in 2014.
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