Brand Extension Innovation

The Challenge:

Church & Dwight came to us with a tough challenge: extending Arm & Hammer, already one of the world’s most successful and extended brands, into an entirely new category.

The Approach:

We selected a panel of brilliant moms, creative marketers outside of the category, scientists and licensing professionals. They evaluated the Arm & Hammer brand equities and determined how far, and in what directions, we could extend the brand. After identifying five key pillars, our team brainstormed online focusing on the growth pillar and core equity of odor removal.

The Results:

Our panelists created hundreds of innovative ideas for licensed products. They included Arm & Hammer branded canine fresh breath and teeth chews, odor-neutralizing plastic bags/trash can liners, and odor eliminating foot-care products.

The biggest in-market success has been the Arm & Hammer branded home furnace and A/C Filters, with baking soda as the key ingredient for air purification to remove odors before they come into the home. The product has been sold in big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot for more than ten years, with sales of more than $15 million.

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