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A braintrust you can trust

In boardrooms and executive suites around the world the phrase "business as usual" is obsolete. Companies of all sizes are being forced to rethink almost every aspect of their operations, including financing, organizational structure, marketing tactics and strategies for improving shareholder value and gaining new customers. Rare is the business that has the time, budget and the necessary internal resources to devise its own solution.

Our innovative business model allows ProdigyWorks to meet the varying need of our customers. Often, we partner with our clients and work against predetermined success criteria to help offset recurring costs.

We have found that the secret to solving today's complex problems is not just having high IQ individuals provide smart answers. Our world is too big, too layered, nuanced and interconnected.

What makes ProdigyWorks unique is that we are a braintrust with a fully loaded team of innovators. Super bright minds, creative energies and tried-and-true experience working together for the best resolution. Whether your company is attacking specific problems, growing its brand or creating new strategies.

We customize each assignment, assembling a diverse team of as many as 25 consultants appropriate to the task at hand. This is rare in the business. Instead of recruiting a few experts, we surround and address the challenge from many perspectives, with insiders and outlanders. Then we move through a rigorous process, both online and face-to-face, to deliver an optimum outcome you can count on. You will also discover why companies like The Coca-Cola Company, P&G and Kraft have repeatedly tapped into our networks.


David Wynett
"Our networks accelerate innovation. For an assignment with Procter & Gamble, we were told what we accomplished in six weeks what it took P&G five months to do internally.”

New Product Architect; Entrepreneur;
Genius Network